.......Fonus is an initiative of the Z. Shahidi International Foundation. Its research focus includes the following:
....... Peace-building as a decisive instrument of democratization for diverse strata of society: policy-makers, academics, artists.
....... An examination of the study of peace in the sciences of language, literature, music.
....... An analysis of the problems, progressions, contradictions in the history of Central Asia and around the world.
Editor-in-Chief: Munira Shahidi

.......The creation of FONUS was inspired in part by the UN designation of the year 2000 as "The Year of the Culture of Peace." It brings together policy, art, and ethnography to serve the interdisciplinary and intercultural needs of our time. This journal promotes human rights in terms of religious, national, and regional identities - as well as in the popular consciousness - and open new perspectives on the world.
.......The aim of this journal is to create and develop international contacts between Tajikistan and the rest of Central Asia, and the rest of the world. The journal will bring greater recognition to the fundamental values of the Central Asian region. In the present, historically-formed reality, Tajiks play a necessary role in cultural relations among the nations of the world. Because they share a Persian language with a religious Sunni identity close to Turks, intercultural identity is natural and indigenous to Tajikistan. Moreover, the majority of elements in the culture of peace, such as tolerance, respect for the faith of others and for other nations, are shared by the people of the different nations in Central Asia.
These elements constitute the foundation of an environment for the culture of peace. Therefore, to promote the common values of the people of Central Asia and to improve relationships among these people (Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, and Uzbek) of Central Asia, we need to bring our own historical identity into focus.
.......The journal is published in three languages: Tajiki, Russian and English. Time constraints preclude full translation of all the articles into English, but a brief summary of each paper is available. We invite our readers to participate both materially and morally.

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